General Specifications



Pre-finished - Nothing else needed

Pick it up, form it, then dispatch it! Eliminates the need for post-painted or powder coated steel and is far more resilient in all facets



Fade Resistant

Interior laminates are lightfast and fade resistant. Exterior laminates are UV and fade resistant Plus they are backed with extensive in-situ and accelerated test data


Tough and Durable - Easily maintained
• Scratch, chemical, heat and solvent resistant finish
• Continuous use up to 80°C and intermittent
up to 100°C


Sanitised to inhibit growth of bacteria,
mould and mildew
Broad spectrum antibacterial treated
Potable food grade film available


Better Looking
• Offers a much broader range of colours, patterns and textures than pre-painted metal
• Textured and embossed substrate allows for deep, rich patterns


Longer Lasting
• Extremely resistant to scratches, abrasions, fingerprints and stains
• Withstands harsh cleaning agents and endures daily wear and tear much better than painted metal


On time delivery
With state of the art manufacturing
facilities and on demand production of standard product, Versatech can satisfy the most challenging deadlines


Meets Australian FR standards for use
in commercial applications
Flammability: AS1530.3
Spread of Flame: 0 (0-10)

Cost effective

Versatech is a cost effective and robust alternative to per-painted materials. See the Downloads page for a cost compatison

Corrosion/Coastal Resistance

Versatech-EXT film far outperforms commonly used pre-painted materials in both UV and Salt Spray tests

Graffiti Resistant

The non-sacrificial PVDF top layer provides a very low surface tension that will repel graffiti time after time

Safe Drinking Water

Versa-Tank film is certified drinking water safe and suitable for tanks and water carriers


For more see: Exterior Interior Food/Medical Grade Potable/Water Tank Films