Features & Benefits


Pre-finished - Nothing else needed

Pick it up, form it, then dispatch it! Eliminates the need for post-painted or powder coated steel & is far more resilient in all facets



Tough & Durable - Easily maintained
• Scratch, chemical, heat & solvent resistant finish
• Continuous use up to 80°C & intermittent
up to 100°C


Fade Resistant

Interior laminates are lightfast & fade resistant. Exterior laminates are UV & fade resistant Plus they are backed with extensive in situ & accelerated test data


Longer Lasting
• Extremely resistant to scratches, abrasions, fingerprints & stains
• Withstands harsh cleaning agents & endures daily wear & tear much better than painted metal


Sanitised to inhibit growth of bacteria,
mould & mildew
Broad spectrum antibacterial treated
Potable food grade film available


Better Looking
• Offers a much broader range of colours, patterns & textures than pre-painted metal
• Textured & embossed substrate allows for deep, rich patterns


On time delivery
With state of the art manufacturing
facilities & on demand production of standard product, Versatech can satisfy the most challenging deadlines


Meets Australian FR standards for use
in commercial applications
Flammability: AS1530.3
Spread of Flame: 0 (0-10)

Hospital and food grade rated

See medical films for specifications


Drinking water storage safe

See potable films for specifications


Exterior rated films are UV / Graffiti and Dirt repellant

See exterior films for specifications















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